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Name: Douglas Hoffman
Date registered: October 30, 2020


Leading photography tours, teaching workshops, creating on location family portraits, and fine art photography allows me to earn a living doing what I love and am passionate about I have lived on Maui since 1985, and am so grateful to live in Hawaii. I have been in the photography business for over 20 years and have received a Master of Photoraphy Degree.

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  3. Kohola Gallery opening soon in Wailea — February 15, 2019
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Apr 27

Environmental portraits create interaction, emotion, and life long memories

family portrait 2

  Right now families around the world are looking forward to when it’s safe to travel.  Here in Maui the beaches are currently empty but soon enough families will return and enjoy quality time outside.  With so many families having suffered emotional and financial stress during the pandemic, creating happy memories is more important than …

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Jun 02

Family Portraits on location in Maui

Getting your family together for pictures is never an easy task. Coordinating schedules is challenging, thats why many of our clients decide to schedule their family portraits while on vacation in Maui.  The family is together doing fun things each day so having portraits created is just one of the activities. In Maui, there  are …

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Feb 15

Kohola Gallery opening soon in Wailea

  Construction on Kohola gallery is happening and it won’t be long until the doors are open.   I am very excited to be the featured artist.  Stay tuned for information regarding the opening date.

Jul 15

Breakthrough Photography

Aloha everyone, I have been a fan of Lee and Hi-tech neutral density filters and use them during workshops, but now there is a new name in the game.   Breath though Photography offers a great line of filters so please check the link.  Soon enough I will have some of their filters in hand …

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Jun 29

Nature is fantastic


We went to the beach at dawn to photograph the morning light.  We did not expect to see a pair of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles making their way towards the sea.   And so our day was blessed from the beginning.  So lucky to be in Maui to experience these majestic creatures.   After the …

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May 12

Magical Sunset

Magic Sunset

Sunset is my favorite time of the day.  I love the soft colors and pastels, and then the peaceful feeling of dusk.  Sometime the clouds cooperate like in this image, and sometimes they don’t.  The thing is you don’t know if you don’t go.  Each sunset has unique light and part of the fun is …

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Dec 09

Lines lead the eye through an image. They can be vertical, diagonal, horizontal.


A picture is worth a 1000 words so these images are an essay on how lines of composition work to lead the viewers eye through an image. look at the image and then trace how your eyes saw the image.  Where do your attention go first? as it controls the flow of the image.

Dec 08

South Side Sunset

south side sunset

Apr 11

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Panorama from student

  I received an email with this image yesterday from Peter Coad, a recent workshop participant.   This is what he said…..  When I see the portrait I see that he used the elements of composition that we worked on turing our day together.  I am so happy to see Peter apply these concepts as …

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Jan 14

Recent Review on Trip Advisor

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.30.17 AM

When I receive a Trip Advisor report like this one, it brings a smile to my face.   I feel so grateful that my clients love what I do as much as I do!

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