Apr 08

Maui Photo Tours visits Bamboo Forest

Into the bamboo forest

Into the bamboo forest


During a Maui Photo Tour & Workshop, this image of the bamboo forest has a few compositional elements.   Notice the roots.   They are repeating line that draw the eye into the bamboo forest.  Within the trees are converging and vertical lines which also serve to guide the eye through the image and add depth, & dimension.  When on a Maui Photo Tour we look for these elements to aid us in creating powerful compositions that evoke and emotional response.

Maui has several bamboo forests.  This one is in Hana and is on the hike to Waimoku Falls.  This area is beautiful and one could easily spend the entire day on this hike.  In order to that it is better to spend the night in Hana camping, in order to get an early start.

Since it is so far away there is another bamboo forest more easily visited.  It is located about 20 minutes past Twin Falls. This bamboo forest comes right to the edge of the highway but that does not mean it is an easy trail.  When there is no rain and the trail is dry it is still a bit challenging.  When wet, it is down right dangerous. The trail features a slippery slope and many people have been injured.  Proud to say none of our clients has every had a problem because we don’t go there when its wet.  When its dry we only take people that have good knees and ankles as the trail while not long, is steep in places and also slippery.

Now that I have set the tone that is a place to be respected in terms of agility, it is one of the best places to teach and learn about lines of repetition.  Hundred and hundreds of trees going up along a dirt path.   In just a few minutes this lesson is learned.

working in the bamboo forest

working in the bamboo forest


For those that make it to the bamboo forest you will be inspired as it is quite breath taking.

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