Oct 04

Let me introduce you to my little friend

This is the welcome you get on some islands

This is the welcome you get on some islands

I was recently in Tonga leading a workshop on whale photography.   Each morning before breakfast I tried to go for a walk to enjoy the view, and get some exercise.   The islands were beautiful as were the beaches.   On one morning I sat alone and just looked at the water and listened to the waves. My camera was in my lap but I was lost in the moment when I sensed some movement.  So I raised my camera to my eye as I turned and saw this crab just staring at me.  Perhaps he thought I would not see him if he remained still.  So I did what every photographer would do, and took a few shots.

We shared a few moments then the crab scampered off and disappeared in the water along the shore.  While not as exciting as photographing whales in the wild, this little crab did bring a big smile to my face.  This years adventure in Tonga was fantastic, and I can’t wait till next year!


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