Jul 15

Breakthrough Photography

Aloha everyone,

I have been a fan of Lee and Hi-tech neutral density filters and use them during workshops, but now there is a new name in the game.   Breath though Photography offers a great line of filters so please check the link.  Soon enough I will have some of their filters in hand and will be able to show people how they work.

In Hawaii, the sun is bright and harsh.   Graduated Neutral Density filters allows an image make to control the light and manage the quantity of light coming in.  This intern allows individual creativity to flow and for motion to be used as a compositional element  to evoke emotion.


Jun 29

Nature is fantastic

We went to the beach at dawn to photograph the morning light.  We did not expect to see a pair of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles making their way towards the sea.



And so our day was blessed from the beginning.  So lucky to be in Maui to experience these majestic creatures.


After the turtles made it to the sea we turned our attention to the waves, and rocks.


During this workshop we were using motion and water to create emotion.

If coming to Maui, join us for a fun filled day of photography.  Call 808 870 3686 to book a date now.


May 12

Magical Sunset

Sunset is my favorite time of the day.  I love the soft colors and pastels, and then the peaceful feeling of dusk.  Sometime the clouds cooperate like in this image, and sometimes they don’t.  The thing is you don’t know if you don’t go.  Each sunset has unique light and part of the fun is working with what nature provides.   Sometimes its magic, and authorities its just fun.

Magic Sunset

Magic Sunset

Dec 09

Lines lead the eye through an image. They can be vertical, diagonal, horizontal.

A picture is worth a 1000bridge-to-hana words so these images are an essay on how lines of composition work41016_Aspen Grove

to lead the viewers eye through an image.

repetition in design

look at the image and then trace how your eyes saw the image.  Where do your attention go first?

Repetition of design as a compositional element

Repetition of design is an important composition element


as it controls the flow of the image.

Dec 08

South Side Sunset

south side sunset

south side sunset

Apr 11

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Panorama from student

                        Panorama from recent workshop participant Peter Coad


I received an email with this image yesterday from Peter Coad, a recent workshop participant.   This is what he said…..  When I see the portrait I see that he used the elements of composition that we worked on turing our day together.  I am so happy to see Peter apply these concepts as I know the knowledge he gained will last a lifetime.


This panorama illustrates some of what you taught me: foreground, mid-ground; background; eyes go first to the light; actually using the rule of thirds; and patterns of lines or curves. And just as you taught me: I saw it first, then brought up my camera, looked in my viewfinder, made a minor framing adjustment, and then shot the panorama.
With joy,


I love coaching and helping people grow as photographers, and getting letters like this is the icing on the cake.


Jan 14

Recent Review on Trip Advisor

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.30.17 AM

When I receive a Trip Advisor report like this one, it brings a smile to my face.   I feel so grateful that my clients love what I do as much as I do!

Jan 13

Sunset in Maui is always different. Thats the fun. You never know what your going get.

When you think about Maui, you might visualize sandy beaches, rocky coast line, lava rock, palm trees, blue skies, you know paradise… This is such a beautiful island and no better place to enjoy a tropical sunset. No matter where you are in Maui when the sun sets, you will see a beautiful view. That being said, South Maui is my favorite vantage point. Kiev, Wailea, and Makena Maui are a photographers dream come true and one could spend days, weeks, and yes, years photogprahjng these landscapes and never get bored. The tide, surf, wind, wave, and all around weather changes fast in Maui, and you never know what your going to get unless you go for it.
Ahihi bay sunset.webSometimes the sky lights up, and other times not so much.  But, even on those days the water, rocks, and overall topography lend itself to stunning compositions.

Using Lee 2 stop ND filter

                                                Shades of  Twilight 

On the rare occasion the weather is not cooperating there is still a way to make stunning images.  In fact rainy days often, but not always,  bring beautiful skies.

makena BW1


Before coming to Maui, call us to schedule your sunset workshop.   We will cater it to your needs, and even pick you up.  Call 808 870 3686.

Jan 07

Maui Snorkel Safari


Join us on a private snorkel tour where our goal is to observe Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles in the wild, and document the experience.  Your guide will photograph the entire adventure and after the tour produce a music slide show with the images created that you can download to your phone, hand help digital device, lap top, or  iCloud.  The activity is two hours long and costs $650.  Call for details 808 870 3686.


Jan 05

Paying it forward working with Kaili, who is about to graduate with a photography degree from Langara College

turtle 1

We will be doing a sunrise workshop later in the week and this is one of the locations I will go to.  Ho’okipa Maui, has a small group of turtles that haul out for the night and sleep on the beach.   Well who wouldn’t like to sleep under the stars in Maui right.  Well, they actually do it to stay alive as Tiger Sharks hurt at night.

Anyway, were going to work on composition and image design techniques, then create some portraits of a man and wife that will soon have a baby.


working with motion

                                                                 working with motion


If your coming to Maui and want to learn about landscape photography, give us a call 808 870 3686.

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