Jan 02

Sunset workshops are all about the light and motion of the ocean

Sunsets in Maui can be truly breathing. The colors in the sky can be intense beyond words, and sometimes subtle beyond description.

10 stop filter with 3 stops minus exposure compensation

                   10 stop filter with 3 stops minus exposure compensation

Makena Maui Sunset

                                                        Makena Maui Sunset

Regardless of the quality of light, the way the waves hit the shore can be slowed down allowing motion to become part of the image design.   When you combine light and motion, you’ve got the potion for a stunning sunset image. Just that little bit of foam goes a long way to help tell the story.



To learn more about image design and composition join one of our workshops on Maui.   Call 808 870 3686 for information.


Dec 23

Don’t always have to walk far to find beauty in Maui

Living on the edge

                                                                      On the edge


Literally three feet behind me is the road.  I simply pulled over got out of the car, set up the tripod, and created this image.   Is it always this easy no.   But, it can be.   Beauty is everywhere in Hawaii.  So, rather than go fast, take your time and enjoy the scenery.  The best way to see the island is not on a bus. Pack a lunch, and sense of adventure as well as patience as driving in Maui can be intense.  We do not have multi lane highways but do have plenty of one lane curvy roads.  Should you g on the road to Hana, please keep in mind there are hundreds of blind curves and the drivers want to get where they are going just as badly as you do.  Drive with aloha. Don get frustrated.  Please stop at the horizontal lines before a corner.  It could save your life…..  Enough said, now enjoy yourself.  This is one of the prettiest drives anywhere in the world.

Dec 23

Nature is all around just take a moment and look.

gecko 1

When on a photo tour and workshop in Maui, we tend to concentrate on seascapes, rocky coastline, waves crashing on the beach, sunrises, sunsets, waterfalls, e.t.c., and tend to overlook the obvious.  Photographers benefit from taking their time and looking around.  By doing so interesting compositions and subjects can surprise you.

Dec 22

North Shore of Maui is an incredible place for landscape photography

This is one location I never get tired of going to.

                                    This is one location I never get tired of going to.

Every day the view is different as the weather and tides constantly change. This is one of the things that excites me as a photographer. I look at a scene and think about composition and how to tell the story of this place and this moment in time.  This helps me see the image well before I look through the camera.

Once a photographer has a good understanding of camera mechanics and how the camera works, thinking about image design and how to compose an image separates a picture and a portrait.  One is documentation, the other evokes an emotional response.

Photographers that join a Maui Photo Tour and Workshop are going to learn new ways of seeing and creating in order to take their photography to the next level.

Nov 16

Lines of Repetition Guide the Viewers Eye through the Frame

The water streaming down the rocks create a series of lines that blend together to draw the eye through the scene.

Lines that repeat are an element of image design that help guide the viewers eye through the frame.

repetition in design

Once you start thinking about lines that repeat, they seem to be everywhere…….

Repetition of design as a compositional element

                                            Repetition of design as a compositional element

While on a workshop we will look for diagonal lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines, and converging lines which are lines that ben like an arch way, then use the lines in our composition and image design.


Nov 04

North Shore Maui – one of my favorite places



This is one location I never get tired of going to.

                                 This is one location I never get tired of going to.

When I think of Hawaii I visualize volcanic mountains, palm trees, beautiful ocean, and rocky coast. This spot has it all and depending up the tide, wind, and waves, it looks different each time I visit.  Come to Maui for a workshop on the north shore and this is one of the spots we might visit.

Oct 24

Sunset in South Maui

Sunrise on the North Shore

While it is hard to wake up before the rooster, it is worth it when you can create portraits like this in the dawns early light..

Jul 05

Lahaina Break Wall

Sunset colors in the Splash

Sunset colors in the splash

Last night was the July 4th and I wanted to get a view of the fireworks.  After spending almost 2 ours driving 20 miles  my friend Scott and I headed to Lahaina Harbor with the intention of getting out on the break wall as to watch the fireworks. Once we got to there we realized that it was incoming high tide and in order to stay dry we needed to stay on the floating dock walkway.  This affected our attempts to do slow shutter work, so I changed my focus to capturing the splash of the wave hitting the rocks. I used a 3 stop reverse graduated ND filter and sacrificed depth of field in order use a 1/1/250th shutter speed to catch the wave breaking over the rocks.

Mar 18

Subtle tones make for a surreal sunset

Another beautiful sunset in Hawaii

Another beautiful sunset in Hawaii


Maui has endless locations for landscape photography.  This beach offers a great view of the west Maui Mountains.  The subtle colors in this sunset are surreal.

Mar 14

Sunset along Maui’s Southern Coast

Ahihi bay sunset.web

On a recent Maui workshop we selected a stretch of coastline in Makena, that provided a nice view of Maui’s rocky coastline. A Lee graduated neutral density filter was used to control the quantity of light above the horizon. Working with filters allows the photographer to control light and exercise creativity.  I carry a variety of filters in my bag so that no matter what the light is like, I have options….

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