Maui Sunrise Photography Workshop and Tour

Sunrise Workshop & Tour.

This workshop and  tour takes advantage of the soft light that comes just after the sun rises. Many say this is the best light of the day. Most of our workshops start in Paia but upon weather or a special request we go to different areas. Depending upon your location and preference we will pick you up or meet you at a central location so we can arrive at our first location prior to sunrise.

This is one location I never get tired of going to.

This is one location I never get tired of going to.

Besides talking about camera mechanics, different modes of shooting, composition, and image design, we will talk about how to use neutral density filters in order to control light and exercise creativity.   Once at the location we will walk around and talk about possible compositions.  Then we will get to work creating portraits. Frequently,  we will review images created in order to offer suggestions so each person can improve their skill set.   Appropriate for all skill levels.DJH_3467_4715.web


For the morning tours we might start at Sprecklesville, Paia, or around Hookipa beach park. Starting times vary throughout the year to coincide with the sunrise.  As a general rule we meet 1 hour prior to sunrise.

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Sunrise tours are 8 hours and you would be surprised how fast time flies when your talking photography and creating landscape portraits.  We do not hurry people along.  Rather we stay at each location until the participants are pleased with the images they have created, have looked around for other views that might have been over looked, have tried different lenses and different modes of shooting, e.t.c.  Once finished in one area, we will drive to the next.  While in the car we will review what techniques were tried, what went well, what did not, what was learned, what composition techniques were utilized.  We will also talk about the next location and what we might find there to use as compositional elements.


Using a neutral density filter

Using neutral density filters

If buying a filter for this workshop – remember you get what you pay for.  Hi -tech, Schneider, B&W, Lee, Singh, are established brands. Break Through Photography is a new player in the filter business and they are making a big splash. Check out for a link to my favorite filters.  Options for filters include, a 10 stop, 6 stop, 3 stop, 2 stop, and one stop neutral density filters.  You can also use graduated filters.  These darken one area of the image so you can have the foreground and background within an acceptable range. Hard filters, soft filter, and reverse grad filters are wonderful tools and allow incredible creativity. These filters often come in kits of three, containing  a one,two, and three stop graduation.   Reverse grads are for when the sun will be on the horizon as it has the most diffusion there and gets less as you go higher into the sky.  A polarizer filter will block out glare and help create cleaner images. It can lower the f-stop by one maybe two f-stops and while it increase saturation it won’t allow you to slow the shutter like a neutral density filter does.


All workshops are private and cost $1,500.    For more information call 808 870 3686



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