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Jul 15

Breakthrough Photography

Aloha everyone, I have been a fan of Lee and Hi-tech neutral density filters and use them during workshops, but now there is a new name in the game.   Breath though Photography offers a great line of filters so please check the link.  Soon enough I will have some of their filters in hand …

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Apr 11

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Panorama from student

  I received an email with this image yesterday from Peter Coad, a recent workshop participant.   This is what he said…..  When I see the portrait I see that he used the elements of composition that we worked on turing our day together.  I am so happy to see Peter apply these concepts as …

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Aug 10

Wave Action creates powerful images that evoke emotion

The power and elegance of water

  Water and motion can be used to evoke an emotional response and sense of wonder.  Slowing the shutter speed allows the waves to blend and in the process smooths out the scene and adds a cool frothy affect. Combining compositional elements like diagonal lines, or lines that repeat with motion enables the photographer to …

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Apr 17

Learn how to make beautiful images during harsh light with Maui Photo Tours and Workshops

Making beautiful photographs in harsh light

  The island of Maui is so beautiful, and many people want to capture the beauty in photographs to take home and share with their friends and family.   The problem is that during the day the light is harsh and most often the sky is much brighter than the foreground.  These problems can be …

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Apr 14

Using Neutral density Filters on a Maui Photo Tour and Workshop in Makena

Maui coastline

  This image was created on a recent Maui Photo Tour & Workshop with Richard from Alaska.  We spent the afternoon working with a variety of Neutral density filters.   We were trying to control the afternoon light, and slow the shutter so that we could crate artistic images of the coastline.  It takes a …

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Apr 11

Maui Photo Tours and Workshop with Mary


  This is Mary and we spent two days together last week.  The first day we enjoyed a sunrise tour along the road to Hana.  We went to Paia for the sunrise which was beautiful. Then went to a waterfall, and Iao valley.     On the second day we enjoyed an afternoon tour of …

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Apr 08

Maui Photo Tours visits Bamboo Forest

  During a Maui Photo Tour & Workshop, this image of the bamboo forest has a few compositional elements.   Notice the roots.   They are repeating line that draw the eye into the bamboo forest.  Within the trees are converging and vertical lines which also serve to guide the eye through the image and …

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Mar 22

Sunrise with Maui Photo Tours and Workshops

Sunrise in Paia

Maui Photo Tours and Workshops knows many beautiful locations on Maui, but when it comes to sunrise this spot is one of our favorites!  Located just before Paia, this spot has a rocky coastline that is stunning no matter what the surf or tide is doing.  As the light pops up over the horizon this …

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Jan 05

Good Morning Makena, Maui

Makena B&W  copy

I got up early and went to the beach.  Nothing unusual about that except that I normally go to the north shore of Maui for Sunrise.  This time however I went to Makena in the south, and found a small secluded beach.  It was low tide and this bit of sand was exposed.  During a …

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Jan 02

Sunrise in Makena in B&W

makena BW1

  It was a hazy morning due to south winds and vog.  This is a kind of fog generated by the gasses coming out of the volcano on the big island.  So I decided to make a black and white.  I used a 30 second shutter speed at F11 to slow the water and give …

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