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Jan 17

Look up and see things from a different perspective

41016_Aspen Grove

  One of the things we teach in our workshops is to think as an individual and create compositions that are unique and different. When walking through the forest the majority of people look straight ahead and enjoy being in nature. However a few take the time to look from different angles.  In this image …

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Apr 15

Looking at other photographers work is a great way to learn

This is one location I never get tired of going to.

I am the kind of person that reads a book with the intent to learn but somehow the information just seems to go through one eye, then out other. I learn better by doing it, than by reading how its done.  That  said, I have found it of  value to look at fine art & …

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Apr 11

Famous Photographer Quotes

“Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about money, masters worry about light”  – Vernon Trent “Landscape portraits should have a foreground, mid-ground and background”                                                 “You dont take a photograph you make it.” …

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