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Dec 09

Lines lead the eye through an image. They can be vertical, diagonal, horizontal.


A picture is worth a 1000 words so these images are an essay on how lines of composition work to lead the viewers eye through an image. look at the image and then trace how your eyes saw the image.  Where do your attention go first? as it controls the flow of the image.

Dec 22

North Shore of Maui is an incredible place for landscape photography

Every day the view is different as the weather and tides constantly change. This is one of the things that excites me as a photographer. I look at a scene and think about composition and how to tell the story of this place and this moment in time.  This helps me see the image well …

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Nov 16

Lines of Repetition Guide the Viewers Eye through the Frame


The water streaming down the rocks create a series of lines that blend together to draw the eye through the scene. Lines that repeat are an element of image design that help guide the viewers eye through the frame. Once you start thinking about lines that repeat, they seem to be everywhere……. While on a …

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Dec 08

Creating photographs from a low position creates a pleasing composition

  One of the things I stress when teaching photography is never put the horizon in the middle of the frame unless you have a good reason.   The reason is it breaks the image into half.   It is much more desirable to put the horizon on the bottom or top third of the …

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May 13

How I see design and compositional elements within an image

small bridge & stream

While leading a workshop this week, I trudged off the beaten path hopeful too find still water and a reflection. I found this small bridge and stream and found my way to a location that allowed me to use the foliage as a fore ground element and serve as a diagonal line and draw the …

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May 07

Maui Photography Workshop & Island Tour


One of the things I love about photography is that it gives people, myself included,  the chance to be creative and try things.  For example, this week I had the pleasure of doing a landscape workshop and island tour with Megan. Throughout our day we visited what  a selection of  locations that offer iconic Maui …

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