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Mar 07

Sunset in South Maui


  The weather improved just as the sun was setting and we had a nice sunset on an otherwise dreary day. I used Hi-tech graduated Neutral Density Filters to create this image.  This enabled me to use a slow shutter speed to create the mist affect on the rocks.  I just love that mystical feeling. …

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Apr 01

Sunrise Maui Photo Safari

3-27-12 tour

After enjoying the sunrise along the Eastern Shore of Maui, we headed to the famous Three bears waterfall. We stopped along the way so the guys could enjoy the scenic overlook.  Having remembered  we talked about creating photographs from low or high camera positions to create a point of view that is different, the gentlemen …

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Nov 30

Maui Photo Tour and Workshop – Use a Tripod when creating scenic photogrpahs


A tripod is one of the most important tools when creating scenic or landscape photographs.  Using a tripod eliminates the number one problem people have when taking scenic photographs and that is camera shake. The majority of people move their bodies when pressing the shutter and the result is blurry photographs. A tripod holds the …

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