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Dec 08

South Side Sunset

south side sunset

Nov 16

Lines of Repetition Guide the Viewers Eye through the Frame


The water streaming down the rocks create a series of lines that blend together to draw the eye through the scene. Lines that repeat are an element of image design that help guide the viewers eye through the frame. Once you start thinking about lines that repeat, they seem to be everywhere……. While on a …

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Oct 06

Iao Valley in Maui, offers unlimited photographic opportunities

Iao Valley is an iconic location in Maui, and one of my favorite places to teach landscape photography.    Several van and bus tours bring undress of people each day and for good reason – it is beautiful.   While there are clearly marked walking trails, I like to forge my own trail and look …

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Mar 19

Maui Photo Tours and Workshops makes learning composition fun and easy

Making landscape photographs on a Maui Photo Tour and Workshop

Making landscape photographs on a Maui Photo Tour and Workshop   Maui Photo Tours makes it easy and fun to learn photography composition. When you sign up for a tour we email you a PDF with explanations of the most important rules of composition along with photographs that show the rule being used.   When …

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Mar 10

Maui Photo Tours and Workshops teaches photographers to include foreground subjects in their images

Refections add a sense of depth and magic to photographs

The sun was rising and the clouds were  turing a bit pink.  The foreground was still a bit dark.  While walking from the parking area I saw this puddle and knew the reflections of the clouds would make for a very good foreground subject.  So I  got really low and created this image.  While not …

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Jan 27

Maui Photo Tours loves Reflections!

  Reflections add an extra element of excitement to photographs.  They seem to captivate the viewers eye.  This is a good thing! So when your out and about with your camera keep an eye open for still water then look around and see what you can find in it.  You will be amazed at the …

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Jan 24

Trip Advisor Report

7 Hour Photo Workshop Reviewed December 27, 2013 As an intermediate photographer with a passion to learn landscape photography I wanted to combine a photo learning experience with a family trip to Maui. The challenge, find a teacher who is knowledgeable, passionate, accomplished and can teach. I found all that and more in Douglas Hoffman …

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Jan 17

Look up and see things from a different perspective

41016_Aspen Grove

  One of the things we teach in our workshops is to think as an individual and create compositions that are unique and different. When walking through the forest the majority of people look straight ahead and enjoy being in nature. However a few take the time to look from different angles.  In this image …

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Jan 05

Good Morning Makena, Maui

Makena B&W  copy

I got up early and went to the beach.  Nothing unusual about that except that I normally go to the north shore of Maui for Sunrise.  This time however I went to Makena in the south, and found a small secluded beach.  It was low tide and this bit of sand was exposed.  During a …

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Jan 04

Been having fun scouting locations

10 stop filter, 85 mm Nikon lens

I have been looking for tide pools that when the winds and tide are right offer still water that have reflections of trees or clouds.   Unfortunately this week I did not find what I was looking for but nevertheless had a great time  creating images. I call this Top of the Reef.   I …

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