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Jan 13

Sunset in Maui is always different. Thats the fun. You never know what your going get.

When you think about Maui, you might visualize sandy beaches, rocky coast line, lava rock, palm trees, blue skies, you know paradise… This is such a beautiful island and no better place to enjoy a tropical sunset. No matter where you are in Maui when the sun sets, you will see a beautiful view. That …

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Jan 05

Paying it forward working with Kaili, who is about to graduate with a photography degree from Langara College

working with motion

We will be doing a sunrise workshop later in the week and this is one of the locations I will go to.  Ho’okipa Maui, has a small group of turtles that haul out for the night and sleep on the beach.   Well who wouldn’t like to sleep under the stars in Maui right.  Well, …

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Nov 16

Lines of Repetition Guide the Viewers Eye through the Frame


The water streaming down the rocks create a series of lines that blend together to draw the eye through the scene. Lines that repeat are an element of image design that help guide the viewers eye through the frame. Once you start thinking about lines that repeat, they seem to be everywhere……. While on a …

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Oct 02

Makena Cove Maui is a great location for landscape photography

This is one of Maui's most beautiful locations.

This location is also known as secret beach, but it is not a secret.  It is a popular beach for locals, tourists, and especially for weddings.  I love the contour of the beach, even though the waves and tides are different each day.The rocks in the mid ground add another point of interest that leads …

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Jul 25

Slow shutter speeds allow artistic composition

Iconic location in Maui - the Iao Vally.  The streams are a perfect place to use Neutral Density filters to slow down water and create artistic affects.

Iao valley is one of my favorite locations to lead photography workshops on Maui.  defending in to the valley is like going to another time and place.   Perhaps that is why movie makes used the Valley in the opening sequence to the move Jurassic Park.  I don’t hike to far into the valley but …

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Mar 10

Maui Photo Tours and Workshops teaches photographers to include foreground subjects in their images

Refections add a sense of depth and magic to photographs

The sun was rising and the clouds were  turing a bit pink.  The foreground was still a bit dark.  While walking from the parking area I saw this puddle and knew the reflections of the clouds would make for a very good foreground subject.  So I  got really low and created this image.  While not …

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Feb 12

Maui Photo Tour blessed with the presence of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles


    Today’s Maui Photography workshop took us to Keanae, along Maui’s Road to Hana.  The weather was fantastic and we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise in Paia, beautiful scenery along the road to Hana, and on the way home we stopped to have a look at Hookipa.  The waves were small, and the tide was …

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Jan 27

Maui Photo Tours loves Reflections!

  Reflections add an extra element of excitement to photographs.  They seem to captivate the viewers eye.  This is a good thing! So when your out and about with your camera keep an eye open for still water then look around and see what you can find in it.  You will be amazed at the …

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Jan 05

Good Morning Makena, Maui

Makena B&W  copy

I got up early and went to the beach.  Nothing unusual about that except that I normally go to the north shore of Maui for Sunrise.  This time however I went to Makena in the south, and found a small secluded beach.  It was low tide and this bit of sand was exposed.  During a …

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Dec 24

Workshop with Ed Santos

workshop with Ed Santos

I had the pleasure of having Ed Santos on a six hour workshop yesterday.  We visited a beautiful beach along the North Shore, Hookipa, and the Bamboo Forest. I posted an image of Ed making a photograph along the rocky shore on Facebook and here I am posting an image I created. I just love …

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