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May 12

Magical Sunset

Magic Sunset

Sunset is my favorite time of the day.  I love the soft colors and pastels, and then the peaceful feeling of dusk.  Sometime the clouds cooperate like in this image, and sometimes they don’t.  The thing is you don’t know if you don’t go.  Each sunset has unique light and part of the fun is …

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Mar 18

Subtle tones make for a surreal sunset

Another beautiful sunset in Hawaii

  Maui has endless locations for landscape photography.  This beach offers a great view of the west Maui Mountains.  The subtle colors in this sunset are surreal.

Jun 18

Back from teaching landscape and underwater composition in Fiji.

Typical underwater scene in Fiji

Wow, Fiji is an incredible location for its people, incredible marine life and coral reefs, as well as flowers, beaches, and landscapes.  I had a great time sharing composition techniques and helping people become better photographers. Over the course of a week each participant showed dramatic improvement and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Now, I …

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Mar 22

Sunrise with Maui Photo Tours and Workshops

Sunrise in Paia

Maui Photo Tours and Workshops knows many beautiful locations on Maui, but when it comes to sunrise this spot is one of our favorites!  Located just before Paia, this spot has a rocky coastline that is stunning no matter what the surf or tide is doing.  As the light pops up over the horizon this …

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Mar 10

Maui Photo Tours and Workshops teaches photographers to include foreground subjects in their images

Refections add a sense of depth and magic to photographs

The sun was rising and the clouds were  turing a bit pink.  The foreground was still a bit dark.  While walking from the parking area I saw this puddle and knew the reflections of the clouds would make for a very good foreground subject.  So I  got really low and created this image.  While not …

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Jan 23

How to find the best Photo Tour and Workshop on Maui?

How to find the best photo tour and workshop in the area you live or are traveling to. These days almost everyone has a digital camera in their phone, iPad, tablet, as well as a pocket size point and shoot cameras or SLR. Regardless of what kind of camera,  it has never been easier to …

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Dec 14

Keanae Aboretom

42011_Bamboo 2

This is the path at the Keanae Aboretom on the road to Hana.  Here you can find Hawaiian trees, plants, and flowers.  This path has cuts through the image and disappears into the horizon, making a natural place for the viewers eye to enter and exit the image.  Thinking about these aspects of composition before …

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Nov 27

Seldom visited Maui location

42016_Hana Path 2

This beautiful Maui location is seldom visited because it is well off the beaten path.  I lived here for 20 years before I found it.  Truth be told I found it by accident.  We were driving back from Hana around the back side when the dogs started making sounds like they needed to pee.  So …

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Sep 06

Making Panorama Style Photographs

surf board fence

 When I moved to Maui and switched from film to digital photography, I was delighted to find that digital made panoramic imaging far easier to do than film!  Anyone can shoot panoramas with a stock digital camera.  There are a whole bunch of really cool panoramas here, and by putting two or more images together …

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Apr 19

Save time and frustration by reading the manual

Living in Hawaii, I see and endless wave of people with digital cameras. That makes sense as Maui is a world class travel & surf destination.  What does not makes sense is how many of these people have little if any idea what all the knobs, and dials are for. They simply just turn on …

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