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Apr 27

Environmental portraits create interaction, emotion, and life long memories

family portrait 2

  Right now families around the world are looking forward to when it’s safe to travel.  Here in Maui the beaches are currently empty but soon enough families will return and enjoy quality time outside.  With so many families having suffered emotional and financial stress during the pandemic, creating happy memories is more important than …

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Apr 08

Maui Photo Tours visits Bamboo Forest

  During a Maui Photo Tour & Workshop, this image of the bamboo forest has a few compositional elements.   Notice the roots.   They are repeating line that draw the eye into the bamboo forest.  Within the trees are converging and vertical lines which also serve to guide the eye through the image and …

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Mar 07

Sunset in South Maui


  The weather improved just as the sun was setting and we had a nice sunset on an otherwise dreary day. I used Hi-tech graduated Neutral Density Filters to create this image.  This enabled me to use a slow shutter speed to create the mist affect on the rocks.  I just love that mystical feeling. …

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Feb 03

Motion adds excitement

Secret Beach in Makena at sunrise

  In this image I want to slow the wave as it met the beach.  I used a 1/15th of a second shutter speed to accomplish this.  The low camera angle adds an extra bit of interest.   The sun had just risen and the light was changing fast.  This is why landscape photographers always …

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Jan 17

Look up and see things from a different perspective

41016_Aspen Grove

  One of the things we teach in our workshops is to think as an individual and create compositions that are unique and different. When walking through the forest the majority of people look straight ahead and enjoy being in nature. However a few take the time to look from different angles.  In this image …

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Dec 20

U/W photography allows divers to capture all the color and excitement that exists underwater

Most of the worlds population has not had the chance to scuba dive and see the wonders that exist underwater.   Indonesia, Fiji, Palau, Papau New Guinea, and the Philippines boast underwater reefs that feature a cornucopia of color. Hawaii, does not have a lot of color in comparison but the state has more endemic …

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Nov 27

Seldom visited Maui location

42016_Hana Path 2

This beautiful Maui location is seldom visited because it is well off the beaten path.  I lived here for 20 years before I found it.  Truth be told I found it by accident.  We were driving back from Hana around the back side when the dogs started making sounds like they needed to pee.  So …

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Nov 03

Honu – Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle on the beach along Maui’s North Shore

turtle 1

It was late in the day and we were returning from  a fun day of photography.  We decided to stop at one last place to see if there were any tide pools that offered good reflections of palm trees.  Well we did not find any tide tools but we did come across this male Hawaiian …

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May 24

iPhone Photography Workshop


What I like about iPhone photography is “Apps”!  There are so many of them and you may feel overwhelmed, which one to choose.  What you need to do is find just 1 or 2 of them.  Use them everyday and discover what you can do. If you are interested in taking iPhone Photography workshop, please …

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Apr 13

Portrait photography

Boy on beach

A woman can buy a car but that does not make her a race car driver.  A man can by gauze, and bandages, but that does not make him a nurse. A kid can make a paper airplane but that does not make him a pilot.  So just because someone has a camera, does not …

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