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Dec 23

Don’t always have to walk far to find beauty in Maui

  Literally three feet behind me is the road.  I simply pulled over got out of the car, set up the tripod, and created this image.   Is it always this easy no.   But, it can be.   Beauty is everywhere in Hawaii.  So, rather than go fast, take your time and enjoy the …

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Feb 03

Motion adds excitement

Secret Beach in Makena at sunrise

  In this image I want to slow the wave as it met the beach.  I used a 1/15th of a second shutter speed to accomplish this.  The low camera angle adds an extra bit of interest.   The sun had just risen and the light was changing fast.  This is why landscape photographers always …

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May 24

iPhone Photography Workshop


What I like about iPhone photography is “Apps”!  There are so many of them and you may feel overwhelmed, which one to choose.  What you need to do is find just 1 or 2 of them.  Use them everyday and discover what you can do. If you are interested in taking iPhone Photography workshop, please …

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Dec 16

Maui Photo Tours – Molokai Moon Sunset Panorama

Molokai Sunset with a beautiful moon

This unusual sunset is different not just because it was shot from a cruise ship off Lahaina, but because it is composed from three photographs.  The initial photograph – left side – was a lovely sunset composition in itself, but adding the right side felt somehow more complete.  Yet when I put them together, I …

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Dec 14

Maui Photo Tour with Biju Varghese

41058_Mystic Waterfall 3_a

Not that long ago Biju Varghese brought his camera and  enthusiasm for photography to Maui.  Our workshop started  an hour prior to dawn to give us time to get to the Keanae peninsula in time for sunrise.  From their we went to the Keanae Arboretum, and then the bamboo forest. During our morning together Biju, …

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Dec 13

Maui Photo Tour – Panorama

Izabella in action

  As Izabella was setting up her shot during our recent workshop, I wanted to create a portrait that showed the scene she was photographing.  To do that I needed to be slightly behind her so that she did not block the scene.  Izabella creating a photograph.   I decided that in order to capture …

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Dec 02

Maui Photo Tours – HDR photography at Sunrise

Sunrise on the North shore of Maui

  This HDR image has the information from 5 exposures allowing the foreground and background to look great.