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Aug 15

Dry or wet, we have a workshop for you

Wildlife photography Workshops

  I am in the midst of packing for Tonga.  I will be leading two back to back photography workshops dedicated to humpback whales.   We will photograph them from the comfort of a 53 foot sailing catamaran and while snorkeling in the sea. I will do some presentations and help people set up their …

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Dec 20

U/W photography allows divers to capture all the color and excitement that exists underwater

Most of the worlds population has not had the chance to scuba dive and see the wonders that exist underwater.   Indonesia, Fiji, Palau, Papau New Guinea, and the Philippines boast underwater reefs that feature a cornucopia of color. Hawaii, does not have a lot of color in comparison but the state has more endemic …

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Dec 11

Stellar Sunset in Maui

41002_Magic Sunset_a

    Every once in a while the sunset in Maui is just spectacular.  The sky becomes vibrant and dramatic, and a few minutes later its gone.  So glad I was on the beach to capture this sunset.  Its a keeper.  

Dec 08

Creating photographs from a low position creates a pleasing composition

  One of the things I stress when teaching photography is never put the horizon in the middle of the frame unless you have a good reason.   The reason is it breaks the image into half.   It is much more desirable to put the horizon on the bottom or top third of the …

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Nov 30

Whale Photography Workshops

Swimming with Whales

While I live in Maui, which is known as the humpback whale capital of the pacific, each year I conduct two workshops dedicated to photographing Humpback whales above and below the surface in Tonga. I go to Tonga because I can that is where I can do it legally.  In Hawaii, swimming with Humpbacks is …

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Nov 12

portrait photography tip – avoid putting peoples head in the horizon line.

One of the most important rules of portrait photography is never have the horizon line cutting through some ones head. Instead create the image from a higher point of view so that the head is under the horizon.  In this image below I used a step ladder so that I could put the subjects head …

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May 24

iPhone Photography Workshop


What I like about iPhone photography is “Apps”!  There are so many of them and you may feel overwhelmed, which one to choose.  What you need to do is find just 1 or 2 of them.  Use them everyday and discover what you can do. If you are interested in taking iPhone Photography workshop, please …

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May 16

Maui Reflections

Adding a reflection to your composition ads interest

Looking for reflections and using them in part of a photographic composition is a fun exercise and encourages photographers to get out their comfort zone and get really low or really high and look.  FInding the reflections is one thing.  Framing them in an interesting composition is another.  It could be you make the image …

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May 13

How I see design and compositional elements within an image

small bridge & stream

While leading a workshop this week, I trudged off the beaten path hopeful too find still water and a reflection. I found this small bridge and stream and found my way to a location that allowed me to use the foliage as a fore ground element and serve as a diagonal line and draw the …

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May 05

Whale art


This portrait along with over 40 more will be installed soon into the new location of the Waterfront Restaurant located at Maalaea Harbor.  While in Maui come and check it out.  If not coming to Maui check out this gallery.

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