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Mar 10

Maui Photo Tours and Workshops teaches photographers to include foreground subjects in their images

Refections add a sense of depth and magic to photographs

The sun was rising and the clouds were  turing a bit pink.  The foreground was still a bit dark.  While walking from the parking area I saw this puddle and knew the reflections of the clouds would make for a very good foreground subject.  So I  got really low and created this image.  While not …

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Feb 06

Rainy days are for the birds….

20140202_094533#1 copy

  Today I went looking for harsh light so I could practice making images with filters.  But, it was a rainy day and I did not see the light I was looking for.  I did however see this pond with the two Stilt birds.  I loved the reflections of the birds and the clouds.

Jan 27

Maui Photo Tours loves Reflections!

  Reflections add an extra element of excitement to photographs.  They seem to captivate the viewers eye.  This is a good thing! So when your out and about with your camera keep an eye open for still water then look around and see what you can find in it.  You will be amazed at the …

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May 16

Maui Reflections

Adding a reflection to your composition ads interest

Looking for reflections and using them in part of a photographic composition is a fun exercise and encourages photographers to get out their comfort zone and get really low or really high and look.  FInding the reflections is one thing.  Framing them in an interesting composition is another.  It could be you make the image …

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