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Dec 22

North Shore of Maui is an incredible place for landscape photography

Every day the view is different as the weather and tides constantly change. This is one of the things that excites me as a photographer. I look at a scene and think about composition and how to tell the story of this place and this moment in time.  This helps me see the image well …

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Oct 06

Beautiful island view in Tonga

Working on composition during Tonga workshop

The Ha’apai island group has a myriad of islands dotting the landscape. This is about an hour after sunrise and the cloud patterns were starting to flow in. In the background are two volcanoes.  The tall one on the right is dormant.  The smaller one on the left is still active.   I really enjoyed …

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Jul 21

Composition workshop at Kaenea Maui, Workshop

Beautiful Keanae coast

  This week we went to Keanae, which is about halfway to Hana, and worked between the rain to create images with strong impact. In this i mage the rocks in the foreground set a nice frame for the slashing waves along the lava rock wall in the background. Repetition is present in this image …

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Apr 11

Maui Photo Tours and Workshop with Mary


  This is Mary and we spent two days together last week.  The first day we enjoyed a sunrise tour along the road to Hana.  We went to Paia for the sunrise which was beautiful. Then went to a waterfall, and Iao valley.     On the second day we enjoyed an afternoon tour of …

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Mar 19

Maui Photo Tours and Workshops makes learning composition fun and easy

Making landscape photographs on a Maui Photo Tour and Workshop

Making landscape photographs on a Maui Photo Tour and Workshop   Maui Photo Tours makes it easy and fun to learn photography composition. When you sign up for a tour we email you a PDF with explanations of the most important rules of composition along with photographs that show the rule being used.   When …

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Mar 16

Maui Photo Tours Workshops teaches you how filters can help create the mood of an image


    Graduated neutral density filters allow photographers to create the mood or emotion of an image by controlling the amount of light in a scene.   In this image created on a Maui Photo Tour, a 10 stop neutral density filter was used.   Using this filter brought the exposure down from the top …

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Jan 23

How to find the best Photo Tour and Workshop on Maui?

How to find the best photo tour and workshop in the area you live or are traveling to. These days almost everyone has a digital camera in their phone, iPad, tablet, as well as a pocket size point and shoot cameras or SLR. Regardless of what kind of camera,  it has never been easier to …

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Jan 04

Been having fun scouting locations

10 stop filter, 85 mm Nikon lens

I have been looking for tide pools that when the winds and tide are right offer still water that have reflections of trees or clouds.   Unfortunately this week I did not find what I was looking for but nevertheless had a great time  creating images. I call this Top of the Reef.   I …

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Dec 11

Stellar Sunset in Maui

41002_Magic Sunset_a

    Every once in a while the sunset in Maui is just spectacular.  The sky becomes vibrant and dramatic, and a few minutes later its gone.  So glad I was on the beach to capture this sunset.  Its a keeper.  

Dec 02

Clouds of Paradise

Hana Path 2.0

  This image was created during a sunset workshop.  We working with composition concepts that included using foreground, mid ground and back background,s-curves, refections, and diagonal lines.  Included with the workshop is a landscape composition guide. If coming to Maui, consider joining us for a photography workshop and tour of the island .

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