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Nov 24

Gecko Power

gecko 1

While walking through the trials along the beach or forrest it is a good idea to look around.  You never know when you will find a great subject for a portrait.  I have trained myself to sense movement, and when the gecko jumped onto this leaf I saw it from the corner of my eye. …

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Nov 21

Maui Landmark

This is one of my favorite Maui portraits.  The church is on private property and these days, one must get permission to go down the road that gets you to the church.  I created this landscape portrait a while back before the chain was put up to block access. I love the lines of the …

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May 13

How I see design and compositional elements within an image

small bridge & stream

While leading a workshop this week, I trudged off the beaten path hopeful too find still water and a reflection. I found this small bridge and stream and found my way to a location that allowed me to use the foliage as a fore ground element and serve as a diagonal line and draw the …

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Dec 21

Road to Paradise

Road to Paradise

  When creating composition using the rule of thirds allows for  dynamic and interesting photographs.  In this image for example the road intersects the 3rd and 4th power point, or more simply stated is in the right quadrant of the image.  Placing the road off center adds interest and guides the eye through the portrait. …

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