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Feb 19

Whale Photography Workshop


  I spent the week participating in Whale Trust 2014  – a four day event all about whales.  The best scientists and National Geographic Photographers presented programs.  It was an honor to be included.  On the last day I went on a whale watch and helped people set up their cameras.  Towards the end, this …

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Nov 17

Maui Photo Tours & Workshops (808) 870- 3686

Maui Photo Tours & Workshop - Rhythm of Nature

We offer private and semi-private classes.  Learn photography from experienced professionals! This waterfall is on the road to Hana. Several elements come together to make this a pleasing portrait.  First is the composition. Notice the left side  has foliage that frames the image and draws the eye to the water.  The three waterfalls serve as …

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Nov 16

Welcome to Maui Photo Tours & Workshops!

Welcome to Maui Photo Tours.  Our goal is to provide visitors and locals a fun way to see the island and learn photography.  With the digital photography boom more people have cameras then ever before.  Some of these cameras are point and shoot style and dont have a lot of options for the user but …

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