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Aug 15

Dry or wet, we have a workshop for you

Wildlife photography Workshops

  I am in the midst of packing for Tonga.  I will be leading two back to back photography workshops dedicated to humpback whales.   We will photograph them from the comfort of a 53 foot sailing catamaran and while snorkeling in the sea. I will do some presentations and help people set up their …

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Jan 05

Good Morning Makena, Maui

Makena B&W  copy

I got up early and went to the beach.  Nothing unusual about that except that I normally go to the north shore of Maui for Sunrise.  This time however I went to Makena in the south, and found a small secluded beach.  It was low tide and this bit of sand was exposed.  During a …

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Nov 30

Whale Photography Workshops

Swimming with Whales

While I live in Maui, which is known as the humpback whale capital of the pacific, each year I conduct two workshops dedicated to photographing Humpback whales above and below the surface in Tonga. I go to Tonga because I can that is where I can do it legally.  In Hawaii, swimming with Humpbacks is …

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May 13

How I see design and compositional elements within an image

small bridge & stream

While leading a workshop this week, I trudged off the beaten path hopeful too find still water and a reflection. I found this small bridge and stream and found my way to a location that allowed me to use the foliage as a fore ground element and serve as a diagonal line and draw the …

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Apr 23

Framing photographs for compositional affect


  In this waterfall image I used the foliage on the left to frame the photograph.  The green leaves catch the eye and guide them into the three waterfalls behind.  This waterfall is along the road to Hana however be advised there is no parking.  Please respect other drivers and do not stop on the …

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Apr 11

Famous Photographer Quotes

“Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about money, masters worry about light”  – Vernon Trent “Landscape portraits should have a foreground, mid-ground and background”                                                 “You dont take a photograph you make it.” …

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Mar 17

Aloha Friday Photo Safari


We arrived at beach along Maui’s North shore in time to walk around looking for locations to create photographs before the sun came up.  During the drive the discussion was about composition and how point of view and perspective affects the impact. Many people take pictures with their camera a foot or two above waist …

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Jan 04

Learning Exposure – Repost from Article by Darren Rose about book by Bryan Peterson

From time to time we read a blog from another professional and the wisdom shared is worthy of reposting.    Thank you to Kevin and Nicole Photography  for bringing this article by Darren Rose  to my attention, it will be of great value to a lot of people. The book on which the article is …

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Jan 02

Posing and camera position are important elements of portraiture

Pose that always works.  All you need is a beach and sunset.

Showing people how to pose is part of our portraiture workshop. In this image Mariah is sitting with her chest at a 45 degree angle to the lens. While a bit more shoulder on right would have been nice, in this pose Mariah is very comfortable.  Also worth while to note is that this image …

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Dec 21

Road to Paradise

Road to Paradise

  When creating composition using the rule of thirds allows for  dynamic and interesting photographs.  In this image for example the road intersects the 3rd and 4th power point, or more simply stated is in the right quadrant of the image.  Placing the road off center adds interest and guides the eye through the portrait. …

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